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Introducing C.O.R.E. Resonance Systems

a 21st Century Technology and toolset designed to

advance human consciousness and personal performance

to all-together new levels of expression


The nervous system and brain are composed of multiplicies of frequencies that fall between just above 0 Hz and just under 50 Hz or so.  These frequencies include Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma.  It is in the interplay of these frequencies that we have consciousness, thought and focus.  It is also through these frequencies that we interface with the Cosmos.  And, it is in our refined interface with the Cosmos that we enhance the things that are most important to us.  I call this Ultimate Personal Performance.. 

To define Coherence Resonance Training:

Coherence  is the product of a multiplicity of frequencies in tune with each other for which a melody can be produced.  Imagine a set of strings on a violin or piano. These strings must be "tuned" to each other (coherence) to produce a pleasing sound (resonance) to successfully reach an audience.  Instead of attempting to reach an audience, C.O.R.E. Resonance Systems is designed to create an advanced interface with the Cosmos. 

By tuning the frequencies of the brain and nervous system, i.e., bringing the nervous system into more coherence, we become better able to receive what the Cosmos has available for us.  It is in an understanding that the nervous system is first and foremost a "receiver," a living antenna system of sorts, that we begin to "line up" with our possibilities.

Resonance  As we align the frequencies of our nervous system; as we refine our very nature, we create a bridge between ourselves and the Cosmos.  Coherence produces Resonance.  Resonance is our interface with Source. Through a coherent and resonating nervous system, we assimilate insight from the Cosmos and express it as visionary solutions, timing and a new type of camaraderie and sharing with our surroundings. 

In resonance with the Cosmos, we become throughput devices for Innate Intelligence to express itself for which we get the ride of our lives.  We move from "I" or "we" to awareness which offers a whole new insight for excitement, adventure, joy and newfound expression!  We begin to make something useful of ourselves



Training  Coherence Training is the ability to refine the interplay between frequencies in the nervous sytem through proprietary protocols (exercises) that allow the brain to redefine its interface with the world.  Specifically, we work with the brain, assign tones or sounds to different frequencies and establish a feedback mechanism so that the brain can "see" itself. 

As the brain becomes familiar with the exercises, it associates certain tones with certain frequencies and begins an interplay with itself.  As the brain begins to understand this relationship, it begins to put itself into more order - more coherence.  This would be a similar to a blind person suddenly seeing their living quarters for the first time.  One of the very first things they would do is to put more order to their surroundings.  As the brain has access to seeing itself through the Coherence Training, it begins to rearrange itself into more order!

This might be equated to the brain singing itself into coherence and balance through the different exercises. And while one can identify shifts very quickly, it is the long term use of such technology that the brain fully renews itself and its connection with Source.  Coherence Training is the act of tuning these frequencies for the best possible throughput of Universal Energies.

Note: Coherence Training™ never programs or imprints the brain with a frequency or end result in any manner. Instead, the protocols are designed to allow the brain to mirror itself and establish its own newfound order.

Resistance  As we glimpse the quality of our connection of Source, it behooves us to understand the part resistance plays in our lives.  Resistance is a product of our inability to process our surroundings with the limited resources of the mind and brain for which we go into overload!  Because of our inability to fully process our surroundings, for organizing life's experiences into some sort of coherent order, we move into a defensive posture sourced as resistance, fear and doubt.  In our defensive posture, i.e., in our resistance to the unknown, we inadvertently shut ourselves off from the very thing that makes us multi-dimensionally alive.  Multi-dimensionally alive is our natural state.

C.O.R.E. Resonance Training restores this. It is in nonresistance that we allow the vast throughput that is available to us which includes its own OS (Operating System), Innate Guidance.  It is in the discipline and structure of a system built with the help of Innate Intelligence that we become truly useful to, not only ourselves, but each other. 

Nonresistance  Nonresistance is unfathomable to most.  This is because the mind has a limited capacity to know or even project possibilities.  If the mind cannot wrap itself around an idea, it dismisses it.  But because something cannot be figured out, does not mean it is impossible.  What is needed instead is a method of processing information and a means of accessing the unknown in a safe, comfortable and fully supported manner. 

Nonresistance begets Innate Guidance which replaces the limited processing power of the mind.  Innate Guidance is a system of "knowing" that every living and inanimate thing shares.  And, Innate Guidance is fully available unless one is in resistance.  Typically, plants and animals are in nonresistance and thus plugged in to a huge Innate Operating System (IOS) all the time!  When humans began to use the mind and brain for processing their surroundings (eating from the tree of good and evil?), i.e., duality and polarity, they moved into fear and doubt.  When they became unable to fully process their surroundings on their own, they began to shut down.  When they shut down, they inadvertently shut down access to Innate Guidance other than at a minimalist level. 

Innate Guidance is always available because it is an aspect of Source or Innate Intelligence.  As we return coherence to the brain; as we renew our very nature; as we reestablish our conscious connection with the Cosmos, our lives move back to a synchronicity and order that knows no bounds.  This is our natural state and the source of Ultimate Personal Performance!

While my personal access to nonresistance took place over several years because it was an inadvertent discovery, clients can experience significant results in 6 months or so.  Further, results can be identified almost immediately as one learns to be attentive to newfound shift.  It begins with Intention* and Commitment and a refining of the frequencies of the nervous system and brain though Coherence Training™.  As one begins to clean up the patterns of the brain, as one reestablishes resonance with the Cosmos, Innate Intelligence begins to seep in.  As Innate Intelligence becomes more available, it contributes to the refinement of one's Intention and increasingly speeds the process along.  [*See Visionaries Thrive In All Times (VTAT), Chapter 8 Intention]

It will initially show up as better sleep, better communications, more synchronicity and happenstance and an improved outlook on life.  As you place your attention on the success of your experiences, success personal performance will refine itself.  Not necessarily as you had wished it to be from your old perspective, but upgraded for which nonresistance and Innate Guidance increasingly contribute their part.  As you learn how to let go, it will go much faster.  And because your hardware is being rewired in sync with the Cosmos, you now have a great deal of help. 

Coherence Training™ is the catalyst to introduce one to nonresistance for which a whole new world opens up.  As one moves from resistance to nonresistance, Innate Guidance immediately becomes more available.  Innate Guidance then increasingly aligns one with nonresistance.  As one settles into nonresistance, timelessness begins to become available.  Nonresistance and timelessness engender a solutions-orientation outlook and knowing, i.e., problems are no longer problems because we no longer "focus" on them. "Problems" are, instead, activities blossoming towards solutions at their own rate and speed.  And finally, a solutions-orientation begets timeliness wherein the Universe succinctly, capably and continuously slips the next part of your experience into place with very subtle and silent "snaps," not so dissimilar to the satisfying snap of jig-saw pieces snapping into place

As we continue to discover the benefits of Coherence Training™, and nonresistance continues to unfold, we become more whole.  Thinking takes on a wholly different role as we discoverer it to be an antiquated method of processing our surroundings.  On the other hand, it is interesting to take notes as best we can, because we want to identify our transition.  We want to identify our discoveries and document our experiences.  After all, how much information can we hold in our brain?  It appears the brain's primary function is as part of a very sophisticated receiving system for which we are the front row seat!

As one moves to nonresistance, otherwise known as Unconditional Love, one fully meshes with one's surroundings.  Where there is no resistance, where there is no holdback, where there is no fear and there is no doubt, where there is only love and acceptance, one becomes whole and meshes with their experiences with love.  Everything becomes replaced by knowing - not facts or insights or things of the mind, but knowing as in meshing with an Order that knows no bounds and every other living and inanimate thing shares. 

Something that can only be seen when resistance is absent.  It is in nonresistance that everything suggested by the prophets, sages and poets of our past becomes available.  And then it gets better than that..   : ) and keeps getting better!

Personal Performance  We enter the next aspect of our lives bearing new fruit.  We learn how to allow our surroundings instead of attempting to fix our surroundings.  To fix something that is wrong is a product of judgment that can only come from the mind of the traditionally dysfunctional human being. For our gaze is important, more important than we know, and the world is just fine, finer than we know.  It is in our gaze that we contribute to heaven or hell on earth.  And, it is in our gaze and what stands behind it, i.e., the power of the Universe itself, or fear and doubt and shortage, that we most effectively contribute to life on this planet.  [see conscious consentience VTAT, Chapter _ pg _]

it becomes our "job" to see the glass "overflowing," the student in exactly the right experience for learning what he/she needs to learn and it becomes our job to contribute to making the world a better place as directed by "an Order that knows no bounds."  Mindlessly we go through life; leaving our prejudices and beliefs and values of an earlier time - all left behind.  Instead, we are expressions of Innate Intelligence expressing itself through our nervous systems resonating with untold access to contribution - far beyond the mind's ability to ponder.

Our successes become rapid and bring great depth to us and our surroundings.  We miss airline flights we should miss and make flights we should be on.  We meet people who are a match for the message we carry and we reverberate with each other with shining eyes and hearts wide open. Slowly our old Momentum fades as we allow it to be what we once knew, and the quality of our Intention ramps itself up several octaves.  [See VTAT, Ch. 11]

Something that we always knew about ourselves begins to take shape. Something that has been held deeply within us for which we have only had the subtlest insights, begins to make itself known.  And, incubated in nonresistance and unconditional love, we begin to flower like never before. Fed by Innate Intelligence coursing through our system, we become more and express at the deepest levels of our being.  We blossom into something truly useful to ourselves and the whole. 

We may help the proverbial old lady across the street, or with her groceries, but it is not by calculation or decision or "the need to do so."  It is simply in mindless contribution that we move forward contributing as we "see" fit as Universal Forces dovetail us into contributing again and again.  We become cogs in other people's lives without having made a choice or calculation, and because we were clear when we contributed, we were clear when we expressed and we were clear when we left.  Smile to smile to smile becomes our watchword and touchstone.  Effortlessly, we contribute to life.

And as Barack Obama takes a mighty stand against dysfunction, reality creation and huge Momentum established by fear, doubt, greed, reaction and manipulation, we become able to contribute our part.  Success in the 21st century becomes defined, not by the quality of our automobile or our home or the school we sent our children to - though all of those things come to us; our success becomes defined by the quality of our connection with Source, by the quality of the catalyst of nonresistance for which we now partner with Innate Intelligence and express ourselves beyond resistance and dysfunction and doubt.  Success becomes about the quality of our Vision.  [See VTAT, Ch. _ Pg _]

By the simple act of introducing the brain to itself at the cusp of the 21st century, and allowing it a mechanism by which it begins to clean its own house, humanity, first a few and then others, begin to take their rightful place as conscious contributors to the unfolding of the potential of humanity on planet earth.  Soon, Gaia becomes fully alive in wholeness, awareness and balance as the humans take their rightful place as a conscious and sentient species contributing to the unfolding of planet earth.  It is a good use of our time.  We all become more.

And, it is happening quicker than you "think."


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